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Vienna's Aging Infrastructure

Friends, it is long past due to address Vienna’s aging infrastructure problems particularly in regard to storm water drainage. Throughout Vienna, many residents and neighborhoods are experiencing flooding. It’s no secret that the major factor in Vienna’s flooding is Pond Run. Unfortunately, Pond Run has not been dredged in over 30 years!

In addition to flooded homes and neighborhoods, Pond Run has caused significant bank erosion impacting many of our bridges. The bridge on 27th is in such poor condition it no longer meets current acceptable standards. Corrective action has been recommended since 2013, yet this Mayor and Council have been silent on it for over 7 years. Most residents are unaware of the 27th street bridge’s substandard condition and potential threat to public safety.

These problems will not go away on their own, they require action. We can no longer ignore the problems and just kick the can down the road. Vienna needs a council willing to develop and implement a plan. Vienna needs council members willing to roll up their sleeves to tackle tough issues and make the best possible choices for Vienna. Our city needs a council that is involved and working to make our city a better place for today and in the future. Infrastructure is a top priority for me and one of the many reasons I am running for Vienna City Council. I am prepared to investigate tough issues, listen, study, and learn in order to make the best possible choices for the residents and businesses of Vienna. I will do this in a transparent way because we need a Vienna that works for everyone, not just a select few.

In the coming months, I hope to have the opportunity to discuss my vision for Vienna with you. Please feel free to message, call, or email me anytime. I want to be your voice, your advocate, your representative. I ask that you vote for me on November 3rd so we can get to work charting Vienna’s future together.

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