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Hi, I'm Kim Williams

I am blessed to have grown up in Vienna. I am proud to own a home and business here because I recognize Vienna is a wonderful place to live, work, raise a family, grow a business, and a it's a peaceful safe place to retire. 


I have owned my own eCommerce business for over 20 years. For the last eight years my business, Jewelry Buyers of Vienna, has been located on Grand Central Avenue in the heart of Vienna. My business could be located anywhere but Vienna offers the best business location of anywhere in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Why Run?

I am running for office because I believe Vienna will have incredible opportunities as well as challenges in the coming decade. Since 2018, I have attended City Council Meetings, Budget and Finance Committee meetings, Vienna Utility Board meetings and more recently, Tree & Beautification Commission Meetings, Planning Committee meetings, and the Board of Parks and Recreation meetings. I have attended because all these meetings are important to understanding what is happening in our city.  More importantly, they are absolutely crucial to charting the course for Vienna’s future. Sadly, other than City Council meetings, few council members attend these vital meetings.  

All this preparation means that I am ready to serve on day one. I am a person who researches and studies issues before making decisions. I am careful and measured when taking action. This approach has served me well in my 20 plus years in business. 


I believe fundamentally that we should be good stewards of the taxpayer’s money. I would not be a rubber stamp for any administration’s budget. I believe in researching, drilling down, asking tough questions, and listening to the public’s needs. This helps us see the difference between wants and needs. Balancing wants and needs can be challenging, but I am committed to fiscal responsibility first and foremost.  


I look forward to meeting and talking about the issues facing Vienna and my vision for the future.

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