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Coronavirus Resource Page

Coronavirus Hotline: 1-800-887-4304

Gov Justice has put forth his plan to reopen West Virginia. The criteria is three consecutive days maintaining cumulative positive test results below 3%. If that criteria is met, businesses will be allowed to open but are not required to open.


Here are the guidelines: 

Week 1(starting today, April 27):

  • Hospitals will reopen for elective medical procedures.

  • State officials are looking at how to reopen outpatient medical care, such as dentist’s offices.

  • Testing will begin for daycare workers to prepare for daycares to reopen.

Week 2(May 4):

  • Small businesses with less than 10 employees can reopen

  • Grooming for people and animals can reopen if those businesses have PPE, customers submit to temperature checks and wear masks.

  • Outdoor dining, churches and funeral homes will be able to reopen to limited gatherings.

Week 3-6(May 11):

  • Everything else, like restaurants, gyms, hotels, casinos, etc, can reopen.

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