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Why I am running for Mayor

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As a Vienna native, small business owner, and City Councillor, I am running for Mayor because I care about our future and quality of life. Vienna needs new leadership to achieve economic development goals such as developing the former Johns Manville industrial site.


As Mayor, I intend to prioritize city streets and other infrastructure needs such as improving water and sewer services. I believe we can grow Vienna and also be fiscally responsible with our financial resources. I believe in transparency and community involvement because we all want Vienna to be the best place to live, work, and shop in the Mid-Ohio Valley.  



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Let's Build Our Future Together!

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I Work For You

My name is Kim Williams, and I'm proud to be a Vienna native, City Council member, and a small business owner. In addition to my duties on the City Council, I also serve on Vienna’s Utility Board, which is responsible for the management of our water, sewer, and stormwater systems.

I'm running for Mayor because Vienna is at a crucial juncture, facing significant challenges and opportunities that will profoundly shape our future. I'm deeply invested in ensuring Vienna’s future and preserving our community's quality of life.

Citizen input and participation are essential for the future development and success of Vienna. If elected Mayor, I will prioritize listening to and including Vienna residents. Listening and engaging with residents and businesses is the best way to chart Vienna’s course for the future!

Accountability and transparency are crucial; however, they are often neglected. From day one of my mayoral term, I am determined to foster a culture of openness and responsibility.

As a small business owner, I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility. Prioritizing needs over wants is essential for maintaining our financial stability. I am concerned that over the last few years Vienna's General Fund Budget has increased increase from $10,000,000 to over $12,000,000 annually. This is not sustainable in the long term because the city's revenues are less than $12,000,000.

Despite the spending increases, we haven't witnessed significant improvements in our infrastructure or the completion of important projects like the kayak launch, Spencer's Landing, or the Johns Manville property. The current budget reflects a reluctance to curb spending. If elected Mayor, I will scrutinize expenses, identify waste, and reduce unnecessary costs, with a keen focus on addressing Vienna’s pressing needs, particularly Vienna’s aging roads and infrastructure.

In 2014, Vienna purchased the former Johns Manville manufacturing site with hopes for long-term development. Ten years later, there are still no plans for development. As Mayor, I will focus on creating a plan to stimulate development on the 19-acre site, revitalizing the property and removing blight from the heart of our beautiful city.

Furthermore, I will prioritize the rehabilitation of our sanitary sewer system, which is currently over capacity and in need of millions of dollars in upgrades. Our water system also requires urgent improvements. Effective stormwater management, particularly in areas like Pond Run, is imperative. Pond Run hasn’t been dredged in 40 years, leaving Vienna susceptible to flooding, especially in lower-lying areas.

Vienna needs a forward-thinking leader. I am well-aware of our challenges and committed to finding optimal solutions while maintaining transparency and accountability. I believe we can be more efficient stewards of Vienna’s resources.

In my view, Vienna remains the best place in the Mid-Ohio Valley to live and raise a family. I want the next generation to enjoy the same quality of life I experienced growing up here. That's why I'm running for Mayor.


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